Monday, August 26, 2013

Grow Baby Grow (7 mths - 14 mths old)

SEKALIGUS UPDATE for many months..keke..And because so many months forgot to update, some details I can't really remember already..ooops. But got update better than none.

7 month old

Weight :??
Height : ??
milk intake : 4.5 oz every 2-3 hours.

- Can sit up longer.
- Had carrot puree, pumpkin puree, Japanese sweet potato puree, potato puree and a bit yoghurt by this age. But mostly still eating rice cereals.

8 months old
Weight : ??
Height : ??
milk intake : 4.5 oz every 2-3 hours. (don't really increase :/ )

- mix purees into her porridge. I cook her different taste porridge everyday. I would make the purees from carrots, japanese sweet potatoes, potatoes,  pumpkin, sweet potatoes, purple potatoes and pour in into ice cube moulds. Then when its frozen, I will put the frozen puree cubes into a container and keep it in freezer. When I want to cook the porridge, I just mix in one cube of puree after thawing them in the fridge.

9 mths old
Weight : ??
Height : ??
Milk Intake : ??

- start to have diced vegetables in her porridge. We also cook soup with meat which will be used to cook her porridge. Also notice she is growing longer but not as chubby as before.

10 mths old
Weight : ??
Height : ??
Milk Intake : ??

- start to give her some fish. And I cook her porridge with meat (which will be taken out and given to Mango after cooked). Every night I will prepare ingredients for her porridge, put everything in slow cooker and cook it overnight.  I think I also started to use whole rice by then instead of grinded Bario Rice. I cook different porridge everyday for Tomato. I use onion, ginger, and garlic depends on what I am cooking to flavour the porridge.

- Grew 2 bottom teeth

11 mths old
Weight : about 8.3kg
Height : 73cm ( know this because her passport was done when she's 11 mths old)
Milk Intake : around 5 oz

- brought her to Singapore for her very first trip overseas. 'x'
- Start to show interest to walk. Can crawl nicely.
- Can call mama. And sometime di - i think is for daddy. 'x'

1 yr old (12 mths old)
Weight : 8.55kg
Height :74.1cm

- she got sick before her birthday. :(( And refused milk and water and food after 2 days of fever.  She only wants to be spoon fed with water, and this doesn't work with milk :(. We tried feeding her glucose water but she wailed. After whole day of no eating, she was quite lifeless. Only sleep and not moving much. Her grandma (my mom) shed tears when she came to visit her. Tomato, if you read this in the future, remember ah, your Ah Mah so siok lu, shed tears for you. When we carry her, she would lean her body on ours and her head on our shoulder.Her hands hanging loosely at her side. :(( We tried everything, I even cook some porridge. Which she refused. End up we tried offering her the organic puff she always liked. And she ate them! Was so glad, I immediately went to buy another one for her. 'x' We went dinner that night, and she liked my carbonara.

-She was still not so well on her birthday. Poor girl. But at least her appetite was back by then. I on the other hand, had severe sore throat, every time I swallow, its like I'm swallowing a knife. 'x'

- can call mama, di, baby, mam-mam , eiiiii - when want to scold you

13 mths old
Weight : 8.3kg
Height : 75cm

- has salmon porridge  at least once a week. Starting to let her taste some table food. If eat outside, I will ask them not to put MSG into my food, and also to put less salt. Willing to try anything we offer. Bread, pasta, fruits, etc. I believe this is all thanks to me for my effort to cook different porridge for her everyday. 'x' Started to introduce mushrooms, cauliflower to her. Will point to food and say "mam mam" to tell you she wants it.

- encouraged her to walk a few steps without any support by standing a few steps away from her and cheering her to come towards us. :) It was cute I tell you.

- Oh ya, when we take off her clothes to get ready for bath (we say pong pong), she will pat both hands on her chest and say pong pong too. Cute max.

14 mths old
Weight : 9kg
Height :76cm

- start to eat 3 solid meals a day instead of 2 only.

- we notice she suddenly become so clever. AHAHAHA. Easy pick up and learn new things.

- can suddenly say a lot things. can call out Ko-ko (elder brother), di-di (younger brother), ball ball

- more demanding 'x'

- keep want ppl to hold her hand while she walks around

- 2 teeth  sprouted from top gum, about time!

- love to flip books she got as present and look at the pictures. When she sees a lion, guess what she say?
 She goes " ARRRRHHHHHHH" <- don't know is growling or roaring, and I suspect she picked this up from her Isaac ko-ko or from her lion toy (that roars).


Found out my girl LOVES TO DANCE. When she can sit up (around 7 mths old) , she will just move her head and hands whenever she hears music. When she can stand up (with support) she will move only one hand, while the other hand supports on something. And most of the times, she will also shake her booty. ROFL. But I always cannot manage to capture it in video. The booty shaking I mean.  Once she can walk, she brought in new moves, beside shaking her butt more , she also stomp her feet/ jumps to the rhythm. That day I saw her sort of "vibrating" her body  cos the song on TV was a fast rhythm-ed one. And finally I manage to capture her butt shaking move on video. It was soooooo cute, it would have made Beyonce proud 'x'