Thursday, October 24, 2013

It gets better..oh joy~

Remember a few months ago, I blogged about the horrible experience on flights for Tomato's first trip to Singapore. She was 11 mths old then.

We recently brought her for a family visit cum trip to Tawau. FYI, she is almost 17 months old now. We need to fly from Kch to KK, then KK to Tawau. Needless to say, I didn't get too excited about the trip. In fact I am a bit worried how shall we cope with a crying  and loud kid this time. I pray to GOD so that she will cry less.

But guess what??? GOD answered my prayers. In fact it was more than I had hoped for. Tomato was very manage-able this time around. Compared to the little Devil a few months ago, she was such an Angel for this trip. She didn't cry at all and willing to sit still longer.  When kids near her cried, she just look and pointed and goes eee-eeee-eee . LOL.

Out of the 4 flights (return trip ), she manage to sleep throughout on 2 of them, and she didn't even drink milk till sleep, I fed her milk before the flights. Even if she wakes up half way, she can still sleep back.  She enjoyed sleeping on her daddy's chest.
I found she love to feed herself from this trip. She will fight the spoon off my hands. Although she always make a big mess, but I can see that she can spoon her food better now. When its difficult to spoon up the food, she will just use her hands 'x'. AHHAAH. As long as you keep her bowl filled with food, she can sit still and eat herself, and I can eat in peace. OH BLISS! My little girl is growing up tooo too fast. T.T

Tips & Pointers from this trip:

  • I don't know is it because of the age, or because she has been on a flight before. She is much more manage-able now compared to before.

  • bring disposable bibs. It is very handy when you travel and if your infant love to self-feed. Once they made the mess, you don't even need to pack/ wash the messed up bib. Just throw it. Convenient, I love. I got mine from cosway. It has a pocket to catch dropped food.

  • Let it go. Don't mind the mess. Practice makes perfect. As they practice to eat by themselves more, the mess will get lesser and lesser. If you only focus on the mess/ worry about how ppl look at you when your child is making such a big mess, your child may never learn to be independent.

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