Sunday, August 20, 2006


WOKE UP by mango before 7am. grrrr...these few days when she is out frm her "bedroom" she will come knock at my door and make whining noises until i get up and let her in, let her lick, let her naughtily bite my hand.-.-""""

Oink came over at 8am to help prepare our breakfast. HEEE

This is what we had:


We boiled the cheese hot dog cos I think its healthier that way, and the meat will be more moist, instead of dry when u fry/ bake it. Our breakfast was very filling, we didn't even need to have lunch.

Oh!By the way, my blood and urine tests came out ok!:-)


Pink Cotton said...

WAHLAU wake up so early on a saturday???

good ger *pat pat*
u gonna make a good mama/wife...MWEHEHEHE

13th Panda said...

pink cotton : boh pien, woken up by mango..she keep knocking against my door and making LOUD whining sound..hmmm