Monday, August 28, 2006


Today is a special day! FIRST! I want to wish happy birthday to PINK COTTON!

She changed alot from the first time i see her. From a grass she evolved to a beautiful flower. The 1st time i saw her, she always wear jeans and baby T niah. After she pak thor, she gradually change to a young pretty lady. She is still getting prettier and prettier. She used to be very cholo, likes to punch ppl in the tummy. Now so different, I see her getting more feminine, more patient. She used to say tea drinking is for old people. But now I see her drink green tea liao.HAHAHA.

Next!I want to wish happy belated birthday to Red Sponge.

I didn't have my streamyx then in May. So I usually blog from office. My company tracks internet usage, so i can't use it too long for personal use. So i compensate here.:-p I have to be fair ma. :-p

Froggie cake!

First thing i notice about red sponge is her BIG eyes...she got pretty big eyes. :-)


Its 13thpanda's FIRST birthday today! AWWWWW...*PROUD*

Before i had streamyx, i had only 400++ hits. Since i had streamyx installed late July.. .the hits increased a lot more to 1000++..HEE..quite proud la me. :-) but need to pay mthly fee :-(

I wish all August babies a happy birthday!


Pink Cotton said...



hee...long enuf thankiu???

eee this red sponge...*push her away* hrng! chin chai kongsi bday post with ppl 'x'

and OMG!!! its 13th Panda's bday ?!?!?! on my bday?!!?!?

WAHHH! CONGRATS!!! ;) wish her many more 1000 hits

Chen said...

happy 1st birthday to 13th panda :P
wah.. u cramp so many birthdays in one post :D

13th Panda said...

Pink cotton : TQ TQ~keke

Chen : :-p ya, so cun PC's bday same with my blog, then I have to be fair to Red Sponge also and wish her happy belated bday ma..HEHE

Selba said...

Happy birthday to 13th Panda :)

Blog.. blog.. blog...!!!

blogging forever!!! hehehe

Red Sponge said...

Happy birthday to 13th Panda!!!

yeah! yeah!!

btw, how come you also wish me happy birthday der? good ah...thankiu lo! =)

13th Panda said...

selba : TQ~~:-)

redsponge:Wish u happy belated birthday ma..although already past. :-p have to be fair ma.HEE

VampireM said...

Happy Birthday to your blog...

Since it's a Panda, I recommend u to watch this clip:

zeroimpact said...

Happy birthday to Pink Cotton and Red Sponge...
So Pink Cotton like that one the last time ah...
That something new...
Heh heh heh

Robin said...

August must be a birthday month..

haha.. for Singapore (9 Aug)and Malaysia (31 Aug) too?

13th Panda said...

DEAR ALL: Pink cotton checked that my 1st post was actually on the 21st Aug, not 28th!!so sad..i have missed my blog's 1st anniversary!!SOBBB..if i am a bf, sure my gf will dump meeee!!LOL

Vampirem: THE video was hilarious!!The mother panda's reaction was priceless!!Thankx for sharing the video!!:-D

Robin:OH YA!I forgot to wish Malaysia happy birthday too!MERDEKA!HAPPY BDAY TO MALAYSIA!And happy birthday to our neighbour, SINGAPORE!