Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I've decided to write abt my June trip to bangkok and pattaya. I know its been months now, but i got nothing to write in my blog..hehe...SO..here goes!

We landed in bangkok arnd 2.30 bkk time.Our flight was delayed :-( we were suppose to arrive earlier. Then we were welcomed by our tour guide. Then we are stuck in the jam while going to the hotel for like ONE HOUR. -.-"""" DUH....so arrived at hotel at around 3.30, then our Tour Guide Ms. Liang asked us to get ready and go down at 5.30 to go for dinner.

Dinner (actually there's more dishes, but i can't tahan hunger liao)

Our 1st dinner in Bangkok. When the dishes came, we all are quite pleased that the dishes seem quite HO LIAO...but hor....the rest of the days we are served with similar dishes -.-" luckily we already nego with the tour agency that we would prefer lunch n brkfast to be provided by them only.

Messy cables

The thing that we noticed while stuck in traffic jam. MESSY MESSY CABLES. *geleng kepala* so dangerous.

We went to SUAM LOM night bazaar after dinner.

wonderful lighthings

OH!!they are so pretty la...I wanted to buy them, but i don't know how to bring them back and where to put them. Probably next time, when i have a house to deco..HHEEEHEEE

I didn't spend much that night. I only bought 2 items for myself:

I dunno wat u call this

Price: 50 baht

I only wore it that time niah when taking photo of it..:-p wat a waste of money :-p

bracelet with butterflies

Price: 90 baht

I loveee butterflies. .isn't it pretty?:-)

Then we headed back to hotel to zzz.

stay tuned for DAY @ : BKK to PATTAYA


Zara's Mama said...

you went to Bangkok and you ate Chinese food? Aiya.. what a waste.

So many things to buy huh? In Bangkok?

13th Panda said...

AHAHAH, we followed tour ma. The lunch is provided by them, i will post more on the foods i had in bangkok later..stay tuned...heee

pratunam alot whole sale clothes to buy..i wanna go back!:-p

Chen said...

This is indeed a long overdue post :P
I remember reading the trip in Pink Cotton & Red Sponge's blog months ago ;)

The traffic jam in Bangkok is horrible. We use the Sky Train most of the time when we moved around in Bangkok.. Save us the hazzle of traffic jam.

13th Panda said...

chen: pc n rs went 1 mth earlier than me, i went with another group..HEHE..ya..the jam is very bad.