Friday, August 11, 2006


Simple entry abt food i had these 2 days.

=================10 Aug 2006==================

Last night, went out to have dinner with oink, Jackie, Jee and Hui Ling. I tapao-ed some food for my dad and fried a plate of vege for him. And of course i prepared mango's dinner before i left for dinner. HEHE

we went to this restaurant:

The name card

We ordered the Fried "Emperor's Mee", bidin, oat coated prawns, crispy ("cui pi") tauhu and onion chicken. The fried mee is nice...i recommend it. The rest are so so only, but still not bad. But they are not that special for me to take photo of it.

Half way through, Oink ordered another dish...a dish that deserves to appear in my blog. One of my favourites!

*drum rolls*


Orh Jian!

YUM YUM YUM!I give it FIVE MARVELLOUS STAR!WHY? because it was really crispy!And the whole thing was cut like pizza so we dun need to tear it ourselves. Each of us had 2 yummy pieces:-D! And there's generous amount of "Orh" (as compare to other places where i had them)

========================11 Aug 2006 =======================

Today i'm really lazy to cook. So i smsed dad that we'll go out for a simple dinner tonight.

Nothing new. We went to Hong Kong Noodle House at Padungan.

We ordered belacan kangkung, sauced chicken rice (dad's), and char siew pork rice (mine).

Oily Belacan kangkung (eeeek!)

 time I won't order this at HKNH.Its too oily and its too salty. The best belacan kangkung i ever had was at Sri Aman's market. It was hot enough, very kick.

Char Siew Pork Rice

I won't post my dad's sauced Chicken Rice here, cos the photo i took of it was blur. I didn't have another chance to re-take as my camera ran out of battery. :-p

HMMM~~sinful week i must be more rajin for aerobics. Hopefully my work won't be as busy next week. I've already missed aerobics and yoga for this week. :-(


Red Sponge said...

ohhhh ORH JIAN! *slurp slurp*


awwww yoga! *head down*

13th Panda said...

red sponge: KIA!let's go eat someday! Eh, its been a while since u and me go yoga hor?LOL..we've been lazyyyy lately

Ang Gu Gu said...

lol..i miss kuching food already =( so long havent go back eat kolo mee and laksa...kueh chap~~ walau eh!!

the mini bike u saw can be bought in kuching also i think, in kl i use to sell them before..1000 around there..depends on the cc and some got gear is more expensive =p

trust me, not worth buying as after a while its very boring and not worth playing it anymore..i got 1 before =p

Pink Cotton said...

la la la la ...

yoga??????whats that???


carcar said...

the char siew pork rice are to die for....

ang gu gu remind me of kolo mee, aiyoh.. i miss them too :)

13th Panda said...

ang gu gu:HAHAHA, really, but i bet kids would love them, but dunno kids are allowed to drive them or not?

pinkcotton: mai kei kei, ur yoga mat still quite brand new hor~~ *wink*

car car:come, come 2 kch for kolo mee~