Thursday, August 17, 2006

HAZE HAZE go away

Its not so pleasant to wake up in the morning nowadays. The moment u step out of ur bedroom, you wanted to take a deep breath of the morning cool air, instead, you breathe in sm0ke..EEEEKK...and its so hot nowadays. I guess air con/ air cooler is selling like hot cakes now. *hmmm*

This photo was taken days the haze is far more worse. It makes my throat sore, my eyes dry and my nose block. HMM~i guess clinics are having a better business also.

LETS DO THE RAIN DANCE to make it rain!! kidding....i don't think any one of us knows how. I tink the gov sud send someone to do cloud seeding so that it will rain ler... *SIGH* always wait till very serious then will take action..*geleng kepala*


LETS change topic..HAHA ... (i dunno how to continue the haze topic :-p)

I bought this on saturday! It has MY COLOR : GOLD. Actually my favourite color is white. But i just love this gold. Oink named it magic purse. Actually i forgot the name for it. But its very useful.

1. open the purse and put money inside.

2. Close it. ( The gold pattern is nice right?)

3. Open it up again from the other side.

WAAALAA! The ringgit note is secured.

It even has a slot for you to put in a card.

Very useful if i don't want to bring my bulky purse out. I can use this when i go to aerobics/ yoga. GOOD.

till next post, adieu~


Red Sponge said...

it looks big kar?

*think think*
eeee...the gold design looks like the pattern of ur current purse too ho?

xiaoxiao said...

nice one.. where to get?

Pink Cotton said...

it rained liao ma...

hm..that purse thingy is good ler..nowadays so many snatch theft..dangerous to bring out handbags la

13th Panda said...

red sponge: NO la..not big..its like the size of 2 name cards only...My current purse is snake skin ler..different pattern ler

xiao xiao: Welcome xiao xiao. I've checked out ur blog, a nice one (nice wedding photos..hehe..I got the magic purse at Sarawak Plaza, Kuching..U have to come to kch if u want to buy it..LOL

pink cotton: happy to see it finally rained.. The sales person said its the latest trend ler...hahaha