Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The part time housewife (my mum) is away travelling for week until this sunday. So as the only daughter in the house, i had to take over her honourable duties. My job starts today, right after i got off frm work. My duties(for today):

  • cooked rice
  • cooked some dishes
  • made mango's meal..she's a picky eater..i had to pujuk her eat -oo-
  • mango puked, i moped the floor
  • washed plates, wok and other kitchen utensilssss
  • after that, clearing up the table
  • made mango's "bed"
TIRED! I MISS MUM ALREADY!If she's here, i won't be so tired :-p

I can mango miss her.She usually eats at 6.30pm. But she lied there like waiting for someone. But in the end, she succumb to her hunger and ate also..LOL

My eye lids feels so heavy now...don't know wat i typed got typo not.need sleep. gd 9.zzz.tomorrow need to wake up early to prepare brfkast for the 3 of us.



Red Sponge said...

OOOO rupa-rupanya tired is because of that...hee...i always lack of sleep when mama not ard! 'x'

Winn said...

lol @ red sponge!

poor mango...guess mango's closer to ur mum eh?

13th Panda said...

redsponge: :-D!! Same same ler. My left eye lid swollen ahhh bcos lack of zz. i'm now like this -> o.O

winn: mango is close to all of us, especially my bf.HEHE. Usually its my mum who feeds her.

Pink Cotton said...


why so susah2???

go outside tapau home! 'x'

or2ng3s said...

yay i agree with pinkcotton, i already plan for steamboat when mom's away.. lol ...

Chen said...

wonder how u pujuk Mango to eat her meals... :D

13th Panda said...

pink cotton: later the vege bought will get layu ler. But tonight we eat out...hehe

or2ng3s: steambot for a crowd is fun, but there's only 2 of us lei~~

chen: how i pujuk?must talk soft2 to her lo...put the food on hand and hand feed pet her lo..hehe

YiEnT@u.CoM said...

Hhhmm...felt so blessed i got "Maria" help me to do all those things...Of coz i wash my own underwear larr..aiyorr!

Chen said...

wah.. your mango indeed very manja :D

13th Panda said...

yient@u : next time no "Maria" how? NAH!better learn do those housework ah..

chen: Yes!she is INDEED manja..spoilt liao