Friday, July 09, 2010

How's the Weather?

I keep an umbrella in my car. Almost everday, I will bring it out, just in case it rains. And the security guard will comment " Ah moi! Tak hujan, tak payah bawa payung"

So I started to get lazy. Some days, I don't bring it down with me. And sometime these somedays RAINED!

Like yesterday, I was lazy, i left my umbrella in the car. Thinking I won't be so unlucky kuaaa. And when its time to go home, it rained! Heavily!

So this morning, before i stepped out of the car, I hesistated, taking a moment to think whether should I bring the umbrella down with me. Then I thought won't be so coincidental kuaaa, unlucky for 2 straight days?

And what do you know?AGAIN! It happened to me again.GRRR. Remind me not to play mahjong, may be I won't win!

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