Friday, August 27, 2010

Little things that cheer you up

It was just 2 days ago when my mum said chirpily that she saw Bro and I in facebook over dinner. She was commenting the profile photo we used. At that moment, I had no idea she created an account for herself.

Well you see, my parents are not that tech savvy. It was just months ago when dad asked for my blog's address. And when he saw my blog, he said all I see is Mango's photos. AHAHAHHA!

And imagine how delighted I was when I saw an email of a friend request from my mom this morning! :-D!!

And she used the photo I took of her and dad when we went to HCM. AHAHAH! Of course the first thing I wrote on her wall is "hi MA!:-D"

well, I see that now she has only 4 friends, including me and Bro, but never mind, I will recommend her our cousins for her to add, and she haven't add Oink!

Way to go ma! She should teach dad to facebook also!


Vampire said...

my mum also has a FB acc, but doubt she uses it much... and only for viewing photos relatives posted :P

Pink Cotton said...

Hahaha. So funny. The other day adrians mum also added him on fb. And he got an email "[insert name] wants to be your friend". Kekeke. I said wei your mom wants to be yr friend ah!