Monday, September 06, 2010

Oink's surprise

When I ask my dear husband to choose a smartphone for his birthday. He stubbornly declined the offer. Mentioned the current one he's using is still good.

Then I don't know what to give him!

Then its a coincidence that he is going to Penang for work and might be there for his birthday. I checked the airtix, its so $$, I'd rather use that money to buy something nice for him.

Then he told me, he will be back on the night of his birthday. The idea didn't come to me then.

It was on Merdeka day, when I was taking a shower that the idea of throwing him a surprise hit me. He left for penang that night. I can only start preparation after he leaves.

His birthday is on the 2nd of Sept. I only have 1 and a half day to prepare. I messaged my Sis In Law about the plan. The plan is, I will sms Oink telling him I can't pick him up from airport. Then my father in law will have to go pick him. My bro in law should follow him so that he can use his hp to give us the cue when they are near the house.

I borrowed a birthday banner from Selina. It was done by Oink last year (I think) for her friend's 50th birthday.

I had to do something to cover the "50" so this is what I did.

My patchwork.AHAHAH! I only have one night ok. Oink don't want ppl to know how "old" is he, that's why the 2nd digit is pixelated 'x'

I ordered pizza and chicken wings from
Frienz and Family. Picked up the cake from Sharon from Appetit. Cut some kiwis, prepare salad. And after that, I wait for the family members to come. Oink is scheduled to arrive around 8.30 pm. I keep sms-ing the family asking them when are they coming. AHAHAH.

Selina came around 8pm, bringing Nasi Lemak and the condiments and also very nice home cooked chicken curry. She also brought watermelon.

Well, the rest came 1 min after Oink sms me telling me he arrived. Then panic came. SIL keep calling her husband asking where are they now while the rest straining to hear what he says. AHAHAH.

We got a few false alarms, cos SIL keep saying " You guys are here already?!!" and we thought its true, so we keep running up n down from the living room to the kitchen. And we kept peeping through the window. It was nerve wrecking I tell you! I had aircon on, but I keep sweating!

I manage to instruct the people to hide their shoes, in which they just left them under my car.ROFL. I locked the main gate.But , amidst the chaos, I forgot to lock the door's grille (which made Oink very suspicious).AHAHAH. I only got to lock the door only. So when the real cue came, I switched off all the lights,then we all ran into the kitchen, leaving only Oink's brother behind with the camera.

Selina and mom in law quick quick lighted the candles. Then we waited behind the door. I can still remember Isaac's excited face.I whispered to him, asking him later must sing the birthday song loud loud ok? He cheekily smiled and nodded. AHAHHA. I think the little guy is having fun too.

We heard the main gate got un-locked. *heart thumping*

We heard the door got un-locked. *palm sweating*

*Door creaks open*


Oink face was like this :-O!!

then its like this :-D!!!!


And then we presented him with the cake, well, not really a typical birthday cake, but a mille crepe. A very nice mille crepe.*thumbs up*

And then we MAKAN!

Later that night, when everybody has gone home, we talked about my almost fool-proof plan. He said, he got really suspicious when the bro in law followed my father in law to airport to pick him up. But that time he's not very sure yet. And when he came home, to find the main gate locked, but the door grille's wide open, he got really suspicious. Remember I told him I won't be in? It's impossible to him that I went out and didn't lock the grille. So he is very sure that I am home. And he noticed the lights off. So he thought I must be inside trying to surprise him or something. What he didn't expect was instead of only me, the whole family was there to surprise him. Well, at least there's still some element of surprise.


jaQQ said...

Happy Bday Mr Oink!! ^^

Panda~ here's ur link as req.. b4 i forgot :P

Laura Hii said...

He must be really touched and happy! and you did a really good job! well done! panda :)

Jessyca said...

Hi~Buaya Jess crawls over ur blog for Birthday cake ^^

Great effort for surprises!! I wish some one will gate crash my house to do that for me...LOL