Monday, May 17, 2010

New Kitchen

Well, its not that new actually. Been using for more than a month already. My original kitchen was really small, and on the right side of the house. Can hardly cook in it.

Last yr, around Dec ( yes i know, very late already) the extension work started from the study room. And it didn't finalise even until CNY. So after CNY, the workers came to do the final touches.

When everything was done, we looked into the design of the Kitchen. We were intro-ed by a fellow colleague to a contractor who can do the cabinets for us. We told the guy our idea. He told us, he can finish it in less than a month. And so he did. *thumbs up*

JENG JENG..come see..

This is before we "zhng" the place.

After looking around. We manage to get the perfect lighting at a very reasonable pricing @ 3rd mile and also bar stools from my friend @ Beetex.

The wall tiles may look plain white here. But up close, it looks like this.

Nice right? I like it alot.

Cantik! Alot ppl who saw the protruding beam on the roof say it spoiled the view. So I wanted to change this perspective, by adding a nice light, making it one of the centre of attention.

The island.

The hood and the hob. We bought Dragonfly hood after consulting friends of ours who had hood at home. And they all used Dragonfly. For the hob, we picked Zenne KGH201. And the hob is really powerful. You will know why if you read on.

Now our idea for the kitchen didn't just end here. There's a wall near between the windows and the door, which has uneven patches because the painting job was done when the cement is not thoroughly dried. So like the beam, I want to make the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

First, I took photo of the wall. Then I did this with photoshop.

I showed it to Oren and RedSponge and of course to Oink. And the comments i got was:

on design no. 1
oink: butterfly so big.
rs : very you.

on design no. 2
oink : the butterfly doesn't blend in with the rose.
rs : can paint my bedroom wall?

on design no. 3
oink : again, the butterflies doesn't seem to blend in.
rs : later at night, if you don't on light, you might be shocked to death, thinking whats that black thing on the wall. (-.-!!!)
rs : see, you even had the ridsect ready for the butterflies (CIS)
Oren : Your flower and butterflies cannot grow in your kitchen cos its hot. (WAT THE!! ROF)

on design no. 4
they all like it. So no. 4 it is.

First, we print the roses out using 2 A0 papers.

Then, oink cuts out the area where the wall will be painted.

Then the whole thing is paper taped to the wall. And Oink sponged on the color I picked on the cutout area. After that, the papers are removed, and Oink used a brush to smooth the edges and refine it.

Master at work 'x'

Master checking my design with the laptop to make sure the lines are correct.

and TADAA! The real thing!

Closer..looks pretty neat from afar.

BUT, if you move closer..

AHAHAHAH!! WHAT THE!! I asked the Master why the smudges, and the Master who drew it replied "AIYO! you don't understand, this is called art ma..有线条的美。"


Really happy with the kitchen. I said to Oink,"You know?The kitchen is the nicest part of the entire house" ROF.

And for the first ever dishes I cooked in the new kitchen were...

Burnt spam and belacan kangkong. AHAHAHAHHAHA! I bought the expensive Tulip brand spam and it tasted not even half as good as the one made in China. CIS.

I was not familiar with the cooking hob, and before I knew it, most of my spam slices got burnt 'x' REALLY POWERFUL. 'x'

and of course, from there, I got familiarized with my hob and can cook better dishes.

Some of the many breakfasts.

I invited family members to come for a "kitchen-warming" party on Labour Day. Where I will cook the dishes, and they will be my guinea pigs honored guests.

No.1 :
Salted Prawn. By the time all the guests arrived, it has turned soggy and the prawn soaked up a lot of the saltiness from the coarse salt.

no. 2 : Grilled Lamb Shoulders.

no. 3 : Simple Mix Vege

No. 4 : Steamed Fish

No. 5 : Stir- Fry "Q Cai"

no. 6 : Salad

No. 7 : Pork Leg Stew. The most popular dish for the night.


Vampire said...

waiseh... super spacious...

13th Panda said...

'x' THANKS? you should say its very nice, then i will say "THANKS!" 'x'

Redsponge said...

ppn, NICE!!!!

when are you going to paint my wall?!!!


Eh, you know? the way u describe your master drawing is best replaced with 10 chinese characters: 远看花红红,近看花生虫!

Wen said...

Rs, the flower no red red. Panda, very comfortable place.
Ur master very kiang Liao! U r so kiang, can cook pork leg stew! Chia me next time!

13th Panda said...

redsponge : OK! I learned new mandarin phrase..Paint ur wall ah?ask ccw bah 'x'!!

wen: ya, not bad la, at least he put a lot effort on the roses. Pork leg stew easy to cook der, you also can!

Selba said...

WOW!!! Very very very nice kitchen you got!!! Result... yummy food!!! :D

Sammy said...

wao.. i like it.. is my dream kitchen.. sayang i only have small place.. not enof for me to have kitchen like ta..haha.. :P Enjoy ya!

kyh said...

love your kitchen!!! :D

ya... the wall painting really got 'xian tiao mei' haha!

Anonymous said...

am interested with your kitchen Dragonfly hood. what is the model and price? and where to get one? tia