Saturday, May 15, 2010

Money Bouquet

I made Rocher Bouquet for Selina's birthday last month. So for mother's day, I wanted to help Oink do something special for his mum, my mother in law.

So I made a money bouquet.

You will need $ of course. The more the bigger the bouquet. ROFL.

This is how one stalk will look like.

And this is Mango trying to sabotage it.CIS

This is how the final product looks like.

A closer look.What do you think? Good idea eh? Its easier to make this compared to the Rocher Bouquet. You can find out how to make a money bouquet here. A little tips though, try not to use a lot of our RM5 notes. Its more difficult to curl the corners compared to our normal paper notes.


Redsponge said...

wow! I hope I can receive the bouquet!

13th Panda said...

you wish la 'x'