Thursday, June 03, 2010

Illness episode

Its weird & interesting how a simple sore throat was ALWAYS later followed by a string of sickness. Its like they come in a package. A family of sickness.

I always dread April- June as its the hottest here in Kuching. And I have been avoiding 'heaty' food as long as I can. I have done well in that in April. And I try to drink more water. But oh, how can I turn away from Made-In-China-Luncheon-meat? How can I say no to BBQ invites? And finally, my throat protested after I had Ayam Penyet for lunch with my colleagues. The Ayam Penyet was good though. That very night, I started to feel pain even when swallowing my own saliva.

I told Redsponge about this, and she said soon will be followed by cough and phlegm, in which they really came true. *ROAR*

Then Selina said, for her case, its usually followed by flu. WHICH came true also! *ROARS* Gawai holidays, and my nose was so runny, its like water running from water tap 'x' No Kidding!

So now, here I am, coughing, troubled with phlegm and nose is block . HATE!

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