Friday, November 19, 2010

Shortest ever in 10 years!

I think long and hard before I made this decision. The last time I took this step, it was when I was 15 I think. And I really regret it. But recently, I have an urge to do it again.

I wanted to change my hair style! I grew really bored of it. I wanted to do something. I don't want to rebond anymore!But at the same time, I am scared. What if whatever I did, doesn't suit me, and I'm stuck with it for a few mths?HOW?

I google for blogs of where people in Kuching do their hair, and came across this :
Essensuals by Toni & Guy

And I like what they did for the bloggers like Rose & Anna. And the best thing is, its at Jln Song, damn near my house. No need to go far far.

But yet, I still feel like a chicken, so I dragged Oink to go with me.

I always wear my hair long. And this time, I m ready for changes.

I am surprised that my hairstylist talks in a british accent. When I looked up, eh, 'ANG MOH' ! So the others told me he is here as an exchanged stylist kind of thing for 3 mths. And he will go back to UK by the end of Nov. So lucky me i guess? Dave the ang moh hairstylist took a look at my long wavy hair, and gave me two options. One is to keep the length, but he will take the weight away, and the other is to cut it shorter. After thinking for a while, I told him I wanted to try the short one.

When he chopped off my hair, surprisingly I didn't feel anything at all. After he is done. I told them I wanted to try colour my hair. Another first for me. I never coloured my hair whole. I did highlights before and that's it. That's when Jacqueline came in. She is the stylist for hair colour. She suggested that for a first timer like me, I should go for the deep brown colour range.

She looked at my hair and ask me am I sure I never dyed my hair black?To give you an idea how black my hair is, I put a photo here, this is the photo before I cut & colour my hair.

She joked that my hair is the virgin hair. 'x'

Well, because my hair is so black, she suggested that I choose the lightest shade for the range of deep brown I chose.

And the end result is....

Nice?I know its not very short, but it is indeed the shortest in 10 yrs! And the colour don't look much here, but it looks different under the sun.

But overall, I am really happy with my decision. And the best thing?I don't need to rebond it, it looks better wavy and messy.


Pink Cotton said...

wow i never knew your hair is wavy by nature :P
it looks nice what...i was just about to ask you whether you permed it

how much they charge for the whole thing?

Vampire said...

no need to censor your face la. nothing bad to censor about pun :P

13th Panda said...

pink cotton : it cost me 400+ 'x'!!! Expensive right?AHAHAH But i did 2 types of treatments.

Vampirem: No ma, don't want to show ppl my face ma 'x', I want to remain anonymous for the time being.