Sunday, December 02, 2012

The half day kids

I call the older kids who also goes to Tomato's nanny the half day kids. That's because they go to kindy/ play school in the morning and then go to the nanny's in the afternoon.

The half day kids are all girls. And lets call them Big Piggy, Little Piggy, and Miss Notty.

Big Piggy is the eldest, and the most talkative. She has short hair. Loves to eat so she is quite big in size but surprisingly very agile and flexible when come to dancing.

Little Piggy is the most quiet. And she always repeat what others is saying. Also the thinnest.

Miss Notty is youngest of the half day kids. Very mischievous and naughty. Likes to pull pranks and so far, cries and yells the most.

There's another little boy who goes to the nanny full day. Lets call him Ah Boy.

Now, the half day kids especially Big Piggy always say the darn-est things that makes you go LOL.


Big Piggy pulls Little Piggy over and say "Aunty, who do think is thinner??" and proceeded sucking in her big tummy. LOL! I didn't know how to answer her. Fearing I would hurt her feelings if I am honest. I just hehehe. But the nanny said, "So obvious its Little Piggy who is thinner!" Refuse to lose, she said " But I am taller!"


I was handing over Tomato to nanny and we chatted a while at the car porch. We talked about religion. And Big Piggy and Miss Notty was there kepoh-ing. Big Piggy said , "Aunty...Miss Notty is Ah Men. I am Omitofut" LOL!


I sometime wear dress to work. But I notice the other mothers don't wear as fancy as me. So one day, while waiting for Tomato to get her diaper changed. I sat down on the sofa, and Big Piggy approached me. She asked, "Aunty, why you wear this cloth to work?" (I was wearing a grey dress with V neck line, with a white tube inside) Before I could answer her, she cupped her right hand and whispered, "Aunty..I tell you hor..My mama got a sexy dress that she wear to sleep" LOL!


Big Piggy : "Aunty, why Tomato is sooooo fair?"
Nanny : "That's because her mama is fair ma.."
Big Piggy : "Aunty, I have smooth skin, do you have smooth skin?" (went and touched my skin under my neck)
Nanny : "WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Don't be so CHI GO PEK OK??"
Big Piggy : "Aunty, Ah Boy is not smooth" *POUT LIPS*

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