Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Grow Baby Grow (4-6 mths)

4 mths old
Weight : 6.5kg  Height :? Milk Intake : 3.5 oz every 3 hours

5 mths old
Weight : 6.8kg  Height :? Milk Intake :4oz every 3 hours

6 mths old
Weight : 7.3kg
Height :70cm
Milk Intake :4oz every 3 hours

Solid food intake : started on 24 November 2012 (a few days before she reached her 6 mth's milestone)

-  Her first solid food was Heinz Rice cereal. Showed great interest in the food. Although it tasted really bland to me, she accepted it well. But got bored of it after a while and cried for milk. She started her solid 2 days before she reached 6 mths old. And she got fever the very next day -_____- which lasted about 5 hours. Her temperature went down as soon as she vomited out her fever medication -______________-

- Very curious and playful.

- Smile at people quite easily.

- Last drink is usually around 10.30-11 pm. Then wakes up next morning around 5.30 am-6.30 am crying for milk.

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