Thursday, November 12, 2015

#2 : Grow baby grow

Cookie's stats :

When born
Weight: 3.02kg
Height : 48cm

1st mth

weight :4kg
Height :54cm
Milk intake : 2oz every 1.5 to 2 hours
Usually fussy at night for no apparent reason. Wakes up around 2 and 4am for milk.

2nd month

Milk intake: 2.5 oz every 2 hours
Still fussy at night but at least will stop as soon as she's being carried. Can fall asleep on her cot by herself with the musical toy playing the lullaby song. Very "chatty", likes to "ang guuu" at you. Very smiley. Smiles back at you most of the time.

3rd mth
Milk intake : 3oz every 2.5 hours
Most nights only woke up once for milk. Starts to recognise faces. Has found her yummy fist. Showing signs of flipping. She can do a half flip now,and on rare occasions,she managed a full flip. Gotta barricade the bed now when she's on it.

Compare with elder sis Tomato here.

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