Wednesday, November 11, 2015

King,Queen,Princess and a Slave

One night while reading a book, Tomato point to the letter 'Q' and said q is for queen!

I was feeding Cookie milk,so to interact with her, I asked are you a queen or a princess?  She said :mmmm, a princess!

Me : How about mommy?Is mommy a Queen or a Princess?

Tomato : Queen!(* I must have looked smugged here)

Me : how about daddy?A King or a Slave?

Tomato : Slave!

Me : *eyes widen followed by a burst of laughter*

Oink : *-__________-|||*

I decided to try again because you know kids sometime just pick the latter choice when u ask them questions with choices.

Me : is daddy a slave or a king?

Tomato : Slave!

Lollllllllllll!! Cannot help it but burst again while trying hard not to shake too much ( was carrying Cookie).

Oink obviously couldn't accept it and lay face down on the bed pretending to be sad.lollll. And afterwards he asked again : Ask you again,Daddy is a slave or a king??!

Tomato : Slave! *followed by her giggles and then she jumped onto Oink's back and pretend she's riding a!!

Oink : aiyokkkk!Call me a slave still jump on me!

Me : That is what slaves are for.lollllll

Oink :…

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