Monday, November 07, 2016

Cute moment with No.2

Hello blog, it has been almost a year. Sorry for neglecting this space. I had too much in my life now.

A quick update, No. 1 is 4 now and No. 2 is 15 mths old. How time flies.

I wanted to update something I think sweet and cute before I totally forget about it.

I was sending No.2 to the nanny. As we are waiting for the green light, I teased her by curling my index finger repetitively (with sound effect) and poke her little nose with the sound of DING!

The little one is amused and chuckled. I then noticed she is studying her right index finger, trying to move it like what I did. I find it very cute. LOL then the next time I do it (she knows because I made some noise) she got ready her finger, curling slowly to meet mine. We missed the first 2 time, but our fingers met the 3rd time and it made her laughed, and made me beamed with pride.

Ahhh, moments like these, brightens up my day. :)

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