Monday, August 24, 2015

last day of jail (confinement)

I can't wait for the confinement to be over. finally I can be free!! This time for the confinement, we didn't hire any confinement lady after what we experienced the first time. Mil helped to cook for the first week then my mom took 3 weeks leave to help me.

although I am elated the confinement is going to over real soon, but at the same time I am afraid and worried. With 1 kid, we are able to manage nicely but with 2??

So far no.1 doesn't display much jealousy towards no.2. she is quite understanding when we told her why we need to tend to Mei Mei first. She also sings to Mei Mei when she cries. For that I am very grateful.

Oink is a great help. Without a cl, he helped out alot, did the laundry, wash baby stuff, prepared tomato's snack for school,etc. He even folded the clothings. Lol. *thumbs up* for my man!

As for me,I am trying to practise more patience. I can be pretty snappy at times especially when I am tired and both kids suddenly fuss at the same time.

Oink asked if,do I regret not hiring a cl? I do miss sleeping through the night and having afternoon naps. But the answer is no,I Don't regret it. I am more relaxed this time and much less stressed. The heartache and headache a cl gave me is simply not worth it IMHO.

Next up,I will tell my labour story (before I forget).

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