Wednesday, September 02, 2009


It was Aden's birthday on the 23rd August. And redsponge and CCW threw him a BIRTHDAY PARTY!

And the proud parents ordered Thomas & Friends cake and cute cupcakes, which Oink and I was given one each *happy*

I was getting ready to the party. I tied up a pony tail. And was thinking it looked a bit dull. So I open my drawer to look for a hair band, and something caught my eye. So I use it.

Its a bra strap.AHAHAHA! I seldom use it anyway. At least it has another use for it.

Last weekend, the in laws decided to celebrate Oink's birthday earlier. I wanted to surprise Oink. With a cake! So I asked Selina's help. I had to lie a few times to Oink, telling him I go out with another friend but in actual fact, I was out shopping for the ingredients with Selina and making the cake.

The blueberry cheesecake.

Now putting all the cream nicely on the cake is x2 more difficult than the baking and mixing and all.


The cake done with all decorations and stuff. Although its not very pretty, but I did it with love. In case you are wondering, the letters are made from "agar-agar" ahahaha!

and today, is Oink's Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST!


Redsponge said...

hmm, how u make that white flower? you should make it smaller, more "yiu siu". ;p

13th Panda said...

THE WHITE FLOWER AH?its bought! i didn't make it..AHHAA, its made frm sugar.

zeroimpact said...

Yummy yummy
And the train really looked like Thomas
Happy birthday to Aden... belated birthday I mean

fel said...

lihai wo ppn...
good job. Happy Belated birthday to oink... "x"