Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sore Fingers

Have you ever had sore fingers before? I did! Yesterday!

I think its the result of me typing codes non-stop. Well, at least I was super productive yesterday. 8-)


I think its from 2 days (weekend) straight playing potapon 2 on my PSP. :-p

P/S its still sore now. :(


zeroimpact said...

I can assure you it's from the psp coz my fingers are sore too!!!

13th Panda said...

buahaha..*hi 5*

lets sama-sama rajin play psp..

i find that playing psp is a very good stress releasing hobby

PlatinumGirl said...

Hahaha .. yeah lor. Now preggie lor, due in Oct.

When is your turn ar? *wink*wink*

You still working at the same place or changed job liao ...?

13th Panda said...

PG : kekeke, may be next year? Still working at the same place lo.