Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lately I feel old..

You know you are old when the teens and kids selling drinks at Kuching Fest calls you AUNTY . SIGGGHHHHHHHHHH But they call Oink Uncle too, but it does not effect him emotionally much (unlike me), cos memang he is UNCLE level already 'x'

But lately the "old feeling" came back stronger and slapped me on the face.


*starting to get teary eyed*

my younger brother, whom I bullied when he was still a kid, whom cried together with me when our cat died, whom I chatted with till late at night while lying on our beds (we shared room till I finished primary school) announce that he got a GF. I used to make him tell his school stories to me when I cannot sleep. Up until now, I made Oink tell me stories/ sing when I can't sleep. I know! I am such a baby sometimes. :p

I still remember the day when we send him to KL to study. This baby brother of mine, whom never once spent a day without us beside him, is going away to study. We are not a family that shows our affection or any emotion openly. But that day, while looking at my bro go into the departure hall, ours eyes were red. Well, time flies and behold, he finished his engineering course. And I got even more shocked when he brought his girlfriend to stay with us at the hotel when we go KL for his convocation. IMAGINE! MY GEEKY BRO! GOT GF ALREADY! ITS SIMPLY TOO MUCH FOR ME TO DIGEST! AHAHAH

Anyway, the first day there, I saw that my bro is still too shy to hold the gf's hand in front of us, quite funny, I keep want to giggle when walking behind them. But as they walk in front of us, I look at them, I feel both happy and sad at the same time. Happy that my bro finally got people want 'x'!! and sad because that means soon he might start to have his own family. So this is how parents feel when their kids marry off. I think next time when my own kids start their own family elsewhere, I will cry a river laaa..AHAHHA

Come, I intro you guys to my bro..

eyes looking elsewhere, actually he was checking to see the GF come already not.

Aiyo, my dad also look elsewhere..tsk tsk tsk..really like father like son.

Our photo when we were little..I look kinda boyish in this photo. But I look much cuter and ladylike now lo..(muka tembok)

And look how grown he is now...time flies...

And how ironic, the day we were to leave KL for home. The TV at the hotel was showing the cartoon me and my bro used to watch when we were still little during school holidays. We even acted out the plot when we were kids. AHAHAHA. I stood there and watch the cartoon, and sweet memories flooded my mind. Luckily the room was dark, because at that time, that very moment, my eyes was swollen with tears.


By the way, my bro is in Penang working now. Say hi to him for me if you see him.


zeroimpact said...

Heh heh heh
Part of life is always something that make us feel sad
And your brother's smile is so wide
Sure very happy and you are all proud of him too!!!

Redsponge said...

OOO...title of the post: Tears.


Ya, I know u will not be able to accept the fact that your bro got a gf that easily. Wahahaha

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: yes! we are very proud of him. He is the opposite of me, which is very extremely hardworking 'x'

Redsponge: U U U , later i piak u

VampireM said...

work wat company here? :p
engineer? wat kind?

Blogger said...

Sprinter - ChokeLine (170BPM)