Monday, September 21, 2009

to Colour or not to Colour

I have a sudden urge to do something to my hair.

I did short before.
I did curls before.
I did Aaron Kwok before (High School, don't ask)
I did highlights before.
I always got rebond my hair ( at least nowadays to the hair root).

There's one thing I have never done to my hair. OK, two things may be. The other one is becoming bald WHICH I HOPE WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN TO ME. *touch wood*

Ok, this one thing that I had never done to my hair is to dye it whole. I KNOW...people do it when they are 17/18, as soon as they left high school. But back then, I really love my jet black hair. Somemore my ever so strict dad drop hints at us to never colour our hair. BLA BLA BLA. But when I started to work. I felt ADVENTUROUS. I totally forgot dad's warning and did HIGHLIGHT. But he didn't say anything ler. I guess he FORGOT also?'x' OR may be he couldn't care less, because at home I am the one with the fashion fashion thingy. And I am the stubborn one.

BUT NOW, I feel like dyeing the whole thing. I see what colour did to others. Coloured hair people look younger and more radiant. If I don't like it, I can still always dye it back to black right?



zeroimpact said...

If you are thinking of dying your hair, consider the fact that it's not easy to just dye back... not very natural, the best is to let it grow and cut off the dyed hair
I also did the same some where last year, dyed all and highlight at the same time
There is a difference, hair seemed a little thicker and I started losing a bit of hair... may be it's just me as mine is getting long and I tie my hair
And I'm still imagining the Aaron Kwok hairstyle

13th Panda said...

YA...retouching the black root will take time and money 'x'

HMM, mayb don't want to dye liao la 'x' AHHAHAHA

Aaron Kwok hairstyle ah..PRETTY OSO LA (muka tembok), look tomboy-ish only

zeroimpact said...

got picture to show or not