Monday, December 12, 2005


Things i regret about the past:

  1. I stayed at home during new yr's eve of millenium year. I had strict parents and NO date at that time..*sob* That's explained why i dun want to stay at home now during new year's eve..even if it means i need to go SOHO..i dun really like going there, its crowded and full of smoke..i hate smokes...i hope this yr i wont need to go back there AGAIN!Its not really my kind of place.:-S

  2. I said things that hurts ppl. Bo pien..i'm 2 direct bah....

  3. I am not open enuf when i was younger..owes keep to myself..some ppl tink i'm tiao kei wic in reality I am not..(luckily now i have great frens!I really appreciates it)

  4. A bit regret taking up IT last time...aizzzz

  5. I didn't exercise more to be come yoga came so late...aiz

  6. Cut my hair ( when i was small, i used to have straight long hair, after cutting it, my hair got wavy n its better liao..not so wyry but still a bit wavy..aiz

  7. Didn't use spf product when younger....which results in annoying freckles...ARGGHHS

  8. I didn't play with my cat one nite when i was in F4, i was bz studying for add math's test, then he went out 2 play alone, and got knocked dwn by a car...(T_T)..i cried until i fell asleep late at nite...i still fail my test the next day..*sob*

ok lah..i'm lazy 2 think wat else for all these, i will “let it go” and look into the future liao...

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