Sunday, November 06, 2005


I don't get this, how could this year possibly be soo soo soo much busier and full of stress and probs compare to last year??!! So tired.....stress is effecting my period cycle..making it i do believe that stress can make it late liao..aaiizz

Last year i think i had my busy mths..but it was on and off...but this year its like i cant even start to shake my legs yet..and new stuff/ probs comes -.-" I tink being in IT field memang not easy...especially when u have project leaders and project managers chasing work from you..

I had taken lots of photos..wanted to write lots of entries..but NO TIME..cis..mayb i'll try it when i have less workload much events happened recently and i want to blog it..but i'll have to wait lo...until I have time to spare...

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