Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Italiano or was it Italianno (can't remember)

We went to Italiano a few weeks back on my birthday for lunch. We ordered set lunch, fettucine carbonara, pizza garlic bread and mushroom soup.

Pizza.This is one of the item in the set lunch, there's soup together with the pizza but the taste is just so-so only

Pizza Garlic Bread. You may think it look ordinary, but hor its very delicious.

Mushroom soup. Superb. The ingredients mixed well and its extremely tasty. Dip a slice of pizza garlic bread into the soup and it will taste heavenly. Perfect combination. So id you order the soup, must order the pizza garlic bread...OISHII~~

I forgot to take photo of the fettucine carbonara. So hehe, here is a photo of it, before it was finished by us.:-p

I tink the fetuccine carbonara at The Junk tasted far more delicious. More creamy.

A bit dissapointed with the fettucine carbonara at Italliano.

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