Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Shabu-Shabu @ Hanami

Went to Hanami last Saturday. Wanted to treat my bro dinner for helping me take care of Mango while he's on sem break..

My bro always was craving for Jap food, so i suggested Hanami, somewhere near 3rd mile's Informatics.

We were browsing through the menu, and notice they have shabu shabu, so we ordered that, along with Lady's combination sushi set, chicken katsu and prawn and a pot of ocha.

Lady's sushi combination set..got carlifornian maki (my fav). ..err...salmon sushi, tuna sushi?, err...err...squid sushi, tamago sushi..err..not sure wat is the rest...hehe. OISHII~~

Chicken Katsu and prawn, Fried chicken and prawn. My bro loves this.

AHHH, Shabu shabu, our main course~

You can see they use really fresh ingerdients. Tofu, mushrooms, green vege, tang hoon, carrots, thinkly sliced beef, chicken meat, etc.
When the soup is hot enough, you just need to dip in the beef for a while and its ready 2 be eaten.

First, put in the chicken meat and all the vegtables, tofu, etc into the soup..

Put on the lid, and let everything heat up a while.

This are the 2 choices of sauce. One is a bit sour and the other is sweet. I forgot which is which oredi. You might want 2 try it urself..:-)

When the vege/ meat/ etc is cooked, you may dip in into the sauces to make it tastier. You may even mix some of the sauces into ur bowl of soup for a perfect bowl soup..

FYI, Hanami really offers great food. Go and have a try. :-)

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