Thursday, December 07, 2006

乞丐雞 (direct translation= Beggar Chicken)

Those who ever watch 蘇乞丐 movie will know about this dish.

Sorry the photos are so small.These are the ones I found in google.

The real way to cook is to wrap the chicken in earth and somesort like bake it. I am not sure myself la..HEE

OK, the ones we had at Mei San Restaurant, Holiday Inn is like this:

Wrapped with flour and baked?

This is first time i had beggar chicken. The captain was cutting a hole on the chicken.

The rear view

Inside was whole chicken cooked with chinese herbs. MMM, yummy~ And yes, those 2 things are real eggs. Real raw eggs. Props.LOL

By the way, do u guys notice anything wrong with the dish?

I give u 5 secs to think and look carefully. Scroll down after 5 secs for the answer.


How can rooster lay eggs?AHAHAHHA

By the way, here's a better photo of Logan. I missed this photo at my last post.


Kenny Ng said...

LOL... can lay eggs somemore.

Simple American said...

You don't wanna eat the eggs a rooster lays. Yuck!

zeroimpact said...

Heh heh heh
Got good food
I know where to get this but not sure how nice is it
But then the sight of food... makes me hungry liao

Anonymous said...

hehehe...looks good.

eh...logan looks younger than ur mango ho? do u mind?

13th Panda said...

kenny ng: MWEHEEHE..ha nor..rooster lay eggs v illogical

simple american: LOL!! ya..yucks

zeroimpact: Try lo..who knows it good ler?never try, never know ma..

redsponge: He looks younger kah?but my mango oso young ler...but she has more wrinkles niah ma..if she's happy i don't mind lo..not me looking for partner ma

Pink Cotton said...

hmmmmm how u know the it is a rooster and not a hen?

Pink Cotton said...

to red sponge:old wife sayang young husbnad


13th Panda said...

pink cotton: neh..u look under the beak,its a rooster bah..LOL

nyonyapenang said...

are you suppose to break the eggs into the hot chicken?

Winn said...

mango! hahha

i had beggar chicken once! ....nice!

Selba said...

So this how beggar chicken looks like... I've never eaten it yet but read the story of it :)

Is it expensive? how does it taste?

Pink Cotton said...




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13th Panda said...

nyonya penang : no ler..we asked the captain, he said its only for decoration..

winn : yummy hor?hungry now..

selba: It tasted nice, with all the nutritious herbs inside..the price is rm52 lo

pink cotton : wah! carolling team is here again *dance dance* eh..i like this song bor..HAHA!