Thursday, December 14, 2006


AH! Its towards the end of the year. And 2 of my close buds' birthday is just around the corner.

After i photoshop-ed this photo, i realised i miss out "," after the "Happy Birthday". LOL!

But then, the girls will forgive me right?HEEE *SHOWING INNOCENT LOOK*

Who are these pretty gals?

Lets start with the older one.

Yup, its her birthday on 20th Dec.

Next is....

What better to represent her other than a plate full of her favourite fruit!!:-D!

Her birthday is on the 29th Dec.

We celebrated their birthdays earlier, which was last night.

And we had...


MMMM, bells' favourite. Also my favouite and this girl's favourite.

Of course we had other dishes also. But the crab, was the main dish. Everyone was quiet when eating crab.KEKE.

And this is the crabs I had last Saturday, with Oink, his aunt, and his aunt's friends from Australia.

Its funny to watch ang moh try to use chopsticks.:-p OOPPS. But they enjoyed the crabs very much. Its very expensive to have them over there.


Anonymous said...

la la la!!!

Ok...nothing to charge from you...

or2ng3s said...

thanks panda!

Anonymous said...

A BIG Thanks to Panda... hehe.. Muacks Muacks!!..

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday to your friends. Hope they have a wonderful day. Hope I get a plate of that food. :P