Monday, October 13, 2008

Roses for My Birthday..and others

I always love pretty flowers. Oink's family celebrated my birthday earlier on Sat. And my mother in law gave me these really gorgeous roses.. she planted these roses herself , arranged it nicely and made this bouquet for me. I really love it, I like this shade of red. Its a very pleasant surprise.

When I brought it home, Mango is very curious of the bouquet.

see..haha..she's captivated.

She keep sniffing the roses whenever she got the chance.

Even when I put it on the TV cabinet, beyond her sniffing limit..she still looking at it, standing on her hind feet just to take one more look at it.

Oink gave my baby d40x a flash (sb800). He asked me rajin sikit take photo..@@

San gave me a book on Healthy Enzyme DIY.

Mil & Sil gave me perfume.

Jaqq gave me a bling-bling HP string and a bear bear tissue box cover in which the bear bear I think resembles her..ROFL

Then there's dinner treats...I am getting fat liao...Eva at first wanna belanja me dinner also, in which i suggest we go watch movies instead, can protect our waistline, in which she happily agrees.ROFL

And there's all these wonderful bday smses..some I am surprised that they still remember!

Thank you all..


VampireM said...

happy belated bird-day!

13th Panda said...

wahahha, thanks vampirem!

zeroimpact said...

happy belated birthday

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: yooo!! Thanks!

Selba said...

Uh..oh... I'm late! But then it's not to late to wish a happy happy happy belated b'day :)


Willson said...

Congratulations!! Your mother in law gifted you lovely flowers.

13th Panda said...

selba :Thanks!!!*HUGS*

wilson: I believe this is the first time you came to my blog? THANKS!:)

platinumgirl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... Sorry i'm late .. was sick for past few days.

Here's a big KISS for you .. MUAKSSS


13th Panda said...

platinumgirl: ROFL, better late then never! TAKE CARE AH..why u sick?

Platinumgirl said...

Fever lor ...

Eh why am I not in your Bloggers I Know list ar but in the long list of bloggers below .. hmmmpppphhh

I want up up up :P

13th Panda said...

platinum girl: opps, long time no update itu list...last time I don't know its you I know its you..