Friday, October 17, 2008

Wukui and Me

I bought wukui sometime in August. And I went to pick her at 2.9.08. Which is Oink's birthday and Mango's birthday. Now I drive everyday to work. And its safe to say that Wukui and I have been through a lot together. AHAHAH

I wanted a car that is small, not $$, easy to maintain, saves on petrol. Perodua Viva was my choice. Its looks like a turtle hence the nickname. wukui=turtle in mandarin

We flew over bump together. The next day we are smarter, and crawled over the very same bump instead.AHAHA

We went through bad rainy days..

*its so jam when its raining*

And we watched sunset together.


We went shopping together. Now I don't need to rely on *ahem* someone to bring me shopping anymore! Freedom is sweet! Car installments is not. 'x'

This morning I saw a road kill. I am not sure its a dog or cat. Cause the only thing that I can identify was what appears to me as a thigh ripped off from the body. And I noticed it when the car beside me drove over the thigh and it flung. @@

I tighten my grip on wukui's steering wheel. Trying to calm myself. And I did.

I'm glad I got wukui now. From time to time, I shall share more adventures of wukui & I.

stay tuned~


zeroimpact said...

Glad to hear bout wukui...
Mine's steed and steed's my companion through many things as well

or2ng3s said...

wukui ah wukui, wo ai ni!

PlatinumGirl said...

I oso drive Wukui ...

Eh when is your turn to have baby wukui ? Hehehe

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: :-)

Oren: You ai my wukui?but too bad wukui loves me only 'x'

platinumgirl: SI MER! didn't hear u say about it der when you were here!

Chen said...

earlier on when i read the title, i thought u bought a turtle as your pet. Hhahahha... mana tau, it's a car :P

2.9 is my birthday too. So, Oink & Mango sharing the same birthday as me? :D

13th Panda said...

chen: WAH..AHAHHA..HAPPY BELATED BDAY!VERY BELATED..:-p..You and Mango and Oink have same birthday...keke..