Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Yesterday

was great was time to go home..

I was quite happy..who won't be happy when its time to go home?

It was drizzling, I was walking towards my car. Then there this myvi, don't know why the rush..drove fast through a really shallow puddle, and THERE! I got SPLASHED. BAHHH!!!! Although its not very serious, but I was pissed. The myvi didn't even slow down after that. hmmphh..

Then at night, I went to Taichi class (I just joined early this month). There's this one pose for stretching, we are required to bend down and get up. When we got up, this uncle in front of me farted..=.= luckily not smelly.

I wanted to laugh. But i think it will be rude.


VampireM said...

omg! yucks!
but taichi is about breathing in & out in harmony , right?

13th Panda said...

we were quite a distance apart. But can still hear him fart la..LOL