Monday, September 29, 2008

Young Talents

Yesterday, while at coltair's house, we watched America Got Talent. And there's this 11 year old girl, Bianca Ryan and she surprised me..

Watch this..

Got blown away yet? How could a 11 years old sing like that?I'm 2x now and can't even sing like that..all I can say is WOWWWWWW... coltair then told us she won the show and got 1 million. A millionaire through her own effort at 11! Double WOWWW.

Then before I went to bed, i got itchy hand and went on youtube to search for this 11 years old girl with great voice. And found some other clips. So I guess there's no harm for me to look at the other clips right.

Here's from Britains Got Talent.

Awww..I am completely mesmerized by her. She's so adorable with such a sweet angelic voice. I want a daughter like her!!!So cute without her front teeth..HAHA

I don't know you guys know about Paul Potts not. Just in case you guys don't know about him. Let me show you his clip.

First time I am so touched by opera singing lo...

Then I found this..

LOLLLLLL..when me and Oink watched this..we LOL like there's no tomorrow. But you can't deny that he indeed looks very much like Britney. AND..I think he got a better body than the real Britney.


VampireM said...

I watched till latest season (Season 3) final episode liau. This wednesday, the winner will be revealed.

Bianca Ryan is Season 1 winner. Local TV now showing Season 2 auditions, and the winner is very talented, and went to Vegas to earn at least 50 Million, I think.

This season a lot of good singers :P


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Selba said...

Have been watching those in the youtube except the Britney spears aka derek... oh my!!! he is totally like britney.. i think he is the most gorgeous western cross-dresser... (can not compared with the thai lady-boys or korean..) :D

Oh.. and if you got time, try to watch:
Andrew Johnston (13 years old) = Pie Jesu

Faryl Smith (12 years old) = Ave Maria

13th Panda said...

vampirem: who won season 3?

rub with the wave: I wish I could, but i'm living in Kuching.

selba: muuuu..i am too late..the clips are no longer available.

VampireM said...

i baru watched the finale a few days ago.

Neal E. Boyd, the fat opera singer won :D