Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ming Corner Cafe

at Jalan Ban Hock. Its been a while since I've blog on FOOD.

Today we had late dinner. No idea where to eat. I asked Oink to drive on as I seek inspiration :-D on where to eat. Then we pass by Ban Hock Road. And I saw this place. This place that I have never been before.

We saw this set dinners. And decided to try.

Oink ordered Set A with Lamb Shank. I order Set B with chicken chop.

Before the food came, Oink still joked, for 19.50, I wonder what size the lamb shank will be? Maybe its a small piece of pathetic looking mutton and he proceeded showing how big he imagined it will be with his hands.

And when the food came. Oink @@. HAHA.Scroll down and see why..

The mutton was tender. And its doesn't taste too bad. In fact, its quite good. I like it. Oink couldn't stop grinning. I don't know what is it with man and food. I think he's happy that his lamb shank is not as small as he thought, and he's even happier that its rm19.50 only..much much happier that the set comes with red wine and soup.

I can taste that its marinated with wine. Not bad but its a bit too salty for my liking. I prefer the lamb shank. :D

Total bill came up to RM33.40. Not bad eh?

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VampireM said...

yum, i'm hungry now...

not too easy to find good lamb in kuching.