Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two Trees and A Flower

One day, after work, there's this conversation between Oink and Me.

There's 2 baby "money trees" <- direct translation from mandarin :-D. And we were looking at it.

Oink : *Chuckles* The one full of leaves represents me.

Oink : .. and this one that is balding is you

me : O.O What?? Why? Why do you say like that?

oink : *chuckles* cos you always go shopping, all the money "shed" like the leaves on the tree..


oink : *laughs louder*


Anyway, another flower bloomed. Ohhh..makes me happiee

purplish-pink beauty


a n n n a said...

I have tonnes of money tree like urs. My parents love planting..

All i noe bout them is that U can't put them in places where they get direct sunlight, will get burnt de.

zeroimpact said...

Flower bloom
That is and must be a good sign