Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cola is out!

And I saw him. Awww.. he's so cute and tiny! Cola has quite alot of hair, nose like the mama and the fingers are loooonngg. Oink say next time can hold on a basketball with the hand.

I told Oren I will buy balloons yesterday so that I can give to Redsponge when BB Cola is out..but I forgot! AHAHAH.. and so ngam and so chun that Cola is so punctual, really come out yesterday!

And today, I went to look for balloons here and there. But all shops not open on Sunday O.O, I even went to GH to look for balloons. But they don't have the type I want.

OK, that's all the update on Cola.

I go back to work liao..SIIIGGHHH

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