Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Raining spell

it keeps raining and raining since last weekend. And thank god today it got less. It had been a miserable weekend. Didn't get to go out much.Don't really feel like going out even. We stayed in.The day maids came in to clean the house on Saturday. Don't think they did a very good job for the amount we paid. But at least they did most of the dirty jobs. All we need to do now is to beautify it before CNY. :D The long hours of rain made most places flooded and also made people sick because its kinda cold. I myself feel tired more easily now. The good thing is i sleep earlier now. :D

Its two more weeks till CNY! So soon! It felt like we just had christmas! I didn't do much to welcome CNY yet. All I did was put up the the cherry blossom tree. HAHA. But this year I want to do lots and lots of visiting!


Laura Hii said...

waaaa u guys damn rich! got maid O.O'

13th Panda said...

laura: no la no la, its not really maid working for us, they work for anyone that call them for service..AHAHA..we only called once..so we are not rich afterall..AHAHHA