Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Goodbye 2008, SAY HELLO TO 2009

As the new year came along, I can't help to think how fast time flies.

lets recap what I did in 2008.

I went to HK, Guang zhou, Macau, Shenzhen, Guilin in March.

I climbed KK in June.

I went to Brunei in July.

Krabi in September.

Sg and KL in December.

Got closer to my new family and made new friends. :-)

My plan for 2009 is pretty simple.

Stay at home more. Beautify the house. Learn something new. Be a better cook, be a better wife, be a better person to my families. Be a better friend. Make some more new friends. Find Mango a husband. YES! mango is 'ripe' enough. Any candidate to intro?HAHA

This NYE we kept it simple. Previous years I would want to go out. But this year, somehow i feel like staying at home. We cooked a simple dinner. And after dinner, we snuggled up and watch DVDs. Its kinda feels warm and cosy. :-)

This is a special drink Oink came up with. The bottom layer is honey, the middle part is milk, and on top is the apple banana juice. A bit similar to teh c 3 layer hor? :D See the fruit pieces decorating the glass?Oink made it, he spent quite a long time on this. And did a great job! And it tasted yummy too..


Redsponge said...

Not bad, i mean the drinks oink made! :)

f3l said...

wah.. u have been to so many places. I wish i can go to lots of places too. hehe...

I wish u..erm... everything you wish will come true ya! happy new year

13th Panda said...

OK REDSPONGE!I will tell oink..I think he will be happy..ahaha

fel : you too! you can go places too ler.