Friday, January 16, 2009


I nearly had an accident. It was oh-so-close. I nearly had a heart attack. I was on my lane, when there's a pajero wanting to cut into my lane. This uncle is polite, he raised up his hand, I let him through and i can read his lips, he was saying Thank You. I proceed ahead, when there's this SILVER SAGA TRYING to cut into my lane and he was FAST! He just stepped on his accelerator, luckily i hit the brake in time you know?SO RUUUDEEE, no signal, no anything, I can't even see the FACE of this *&@^@^#@ driver, the window is very heavily tinted. And he had the gut to just drive pass to the right of my lane after I hit the brake.Ignoring me! And after that, i notice him, cutting back to MY LANE without putting any signal again! Cut just like that! I drive close behind him when I had this idea of snapping a photo of his car. I am sure its a HIM because I can see his head from the back, apparently his back screen is not as heavily tinted as his windows'.

So there! I took this blur photo with my HP. QS 5700, PEOPLE LIKE YOU are the ones that causes unnecessary accidents! But I bet people like you don't go online! So if any of you know the owner of this car, please hor, advise hi
m. *roll eyes* Like what Oink always say,

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