Friday, January 27, 2012

The 1st Trimester vs 2nd Trimester

Its my 2nd post of the day.WOW!Break record liao 'x'

I manage to post a 2nd one because :

(1) I want to post it before I forget all about it

(2) Am still in CNY mood, hence the laziness to start working although I am at the office now..SSSSSHHHH..and since I have no mood work, might as well use my precious time to blog right? I'm kind of being productive here 'x'

OK, lets move on.


I feel the time passes really slowly. I feel tired all the time. I feel like a sloth 'x'. Everyday I feel like puking and I felt COLD. I cover myself up, and some people actually come ask me, ARE YOU THAT COLD? I stole a blankie from a certain China airline, and when I watch TV in the living room, I cover myself with that blankie. I hate SEAFOOD. Hate steamed fish. HATE plain water. The safest food that I like to eat are fruits and veges. I hate BREAD SIDES, when Oink made me sandwiches , I will ask him to cut off the sides. If he forget to cut them off, I will tear it off 'x' I find myself hard to concentrate on work. I mean how can I concentrate and think of codes when all I was trying to do is try hard not to puke while at work. I stock up on plums and candies. But feel so sinful taking in all those candies (sugar) and plums (loaded with sodium)..but what to do?anything to get rid of that awful bitter taste in my throat. And when I feel depressed, I crave for Cola/ sweet orange.

My skin peel around nose and lips. And sometime my colleagues will ask me what happened to my face and I get really annoyed, cos I feel ugly 'x'

At first I thought to myself, may be I'll be lucky enough to be one of those people who won't vomit at all during the first Trimester. Baby, I was soooo wrong!

I first vomitted when I was about 6 wks pregnant. I took a piece of chocolate at work. Felt soo awful after that. Went home and went straight to the loo and vomitted water and chocolate 'x'

And another time was after I ate cheese cake + take fried food. But the record breaking case was after I ate Ding Bian Hu, I think in less than 30 mins, its all out again 'x'

If you think only rich food can make me vomit, think again.

Once, we went to Petanak for porridge. Oink decided to take the short cuts to go there. With all the winding and turning. I was green-faced when I got out from the car. And one look, Oink ask me, You need to Uwek? I can only nod. And we both hurriedly look for the nearest toilet. Once I close the toilet door, I turned and do my business. 'x' The toilet was the squat type. And the thing with public toilet in Malaysia is, the shit hole is damn shitty. 'x'

Let me illustrate with my drawing.You get the idea 'x' And the shitty hole made me vomit even more 'x'

So beside rich food, car sickness, dirty ugly stuff also can make me vomit 'x'

I came out from the toilet as white as paper, Oink claimed. He got so worried, he enveloped me in his arms and touched my forehead and cheeks, and said I felt cold. I was all wobbly and jelly-legged from the vomitting and had to depend on Oink to make it to our table..LOL

Every other day, I would whine to Oink when i feel depressed, why is this happening, why i feel so dreadful?Why time pass soooo slowly?I even told him, may be one baby is enough. I feel so terrible everyday. I feel so unlike my old self.

Towards the end of my first trimester, my skin gets oily, and I get lotsa zits! DARN IT.

I need to wake up to pee at least once every night. CIS!


I still feel nauseous in the beginning. But as time passes, I feel more and more normal. I feel like my old self is coming back to me. Except that my figure has now changed. My belly is much bigger, and my thigh getting fatter 'x' and I need new bras.

Just before CNY, my skin suddenly cleared up and I was damn happy to get my old good skin back, but now its all oily and full of pimples again.. GRRR

I can take some seafood. Still hate crab. I love beef, but don't dare to take too much. I can survive longer without Cola. Am ok with bread sides too. Appetite is getting normal.

I feel hot almost everyday. What blankie? I don't need it 'x' It was washed, folded and tucked into the cupboard 'x' The only time I felt cold was when I went for breakfast at King Centre before going to KKIA. I can sleep without my quilt at night, with the aircon on, while Oink will need to cover himself up with the quilt up to his neck 'x' I get leg cramps now too, always on my right leg. As painful as it is, I am amazed at myself on how I can continue my sleep despite feeling serious pain ^oo^

NO MORE FEELING NAUSEOUS. HALLELUJAH! I can take cheese cakes, chocolates! And occasionally on super hot days, I treat myself ICE CREAM..ohhh~~

Some nights, I don't even need to wake up to pee. SWOON~~~

I drink LOTSA plain water now. Feeling hot everyday now mah! I feel more energetic and like my old self, except for a big belly and fat ass. :D I try to move more, and get enough exercise. I do Kegels when i remember about it.

Hmmm, I wonder how would my 3rd trimester be? Halfway to go :)

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