Friday, January 13, 2012

First visit to KKIA (9 Jan 2012)

I consider myself very lucky. My best pal is also pregnant, and is 5 wks behind me. And we decide to go visit KKIA (Klinik Kesihatan Ibu Dan Anak) together gether so that we can accompany each other. Kuching has 3 of such clinic, one is Klink Jawa, somewhere near hopoh? KKIA sekama, and KKIA Stapok. The nurse might want to check some docs as proof that you live near the area before you can actually visit the clinic.The one we went is KKIA Sekama (based on our home addresses). For KKIA sekama, only Monday is designated for first time registration.

We were suppose to wake up earlier, so that we can get an earlier queue number. But it was raining, and the weather is sooo nice to sleep in. Anyway, I still woke up at 7.30am la.Got ready and left the house before 8am. Since I am pregnant, I spent less time on making myself look pretty. I think Oink now spend more time making himself look good than I do.

Traffic was jam everywhere. We stop by King Centre to have breakfast. It was really windy, and for the first time, I felt really cold.

We arrived KKIA around 8.30am. Our number was already 20 by then. Jaqq and Jee arrived minutes later and they got no. 23. The clinic was full of ppl since the previous 2 mondays were public holidays. Then the waiting game starts. tik tok tik tok...that's why I said I was lucky to have Jaqq, without her I don't know if i can wait so long or not. The process is taking so long. So Jaqq briefly explains to me how the process goes around in the clinic. I was feeling nervous about the blood samples extraction part. We ask the husband to leave for work, its no point getting them to wait together with us. We will call Oink to pick us up after we're done.

After registration, we are given a container to pee into 'x' And we are to keep it, and bring our pee for the each future visits.

It was already 10 something when I finally get my turn to go into the first examination room. I know this is not the room where the syringes were so I was quite relax. I know I know, I am such a chicken. I didn't know what to expect once I go into the room. The nurse tested my pee with somekind of kertas Litmus. I was kinda worried, cos I drank Cola the night before. But luckily my pee test result was alright :-p. Then she measured my height and weighed me. What do know, I was 3 cm taller that day, it must be from all the calcium I have been taking.LOL!The nurse asked me a few questions. Like is this your first pregnancy? Any miscarriages before? Did you use any method of family planning before?Then went on talking about breastfeeding. She was really taking her sweet time, no wonder I waited so long to come in 'x' Then she instructed me to lie down on the examination bed. She wanted to check my tummy and BB's heartbeat with something shaped like a box. She record down BB's heartbeat rate and told me that my BB is strong. What I didn't expect was her next instruction : SHOW ME YOUR BREASTS. O.o!!! HUH???? I asked for what? she said to check if mine are suitable for breastfeeding and to check for lumps. So after she's done molesting examining me. I asked : so how is it? She said Ok! Suitable.AHAHAH. The we sat down, and she filled in some form, she wrote quite long, don't know what is she writing. And asked me to sign some consent form for the blood test, and to sign in acknowlegdment that she did explain about breastfeeding to me.

And then, its time for room of terror (blood test room) 'x' . I dropped my clinic card into the box in front of the room, and took a number (again). Jaqq is still in the examination room. I waited alone, trying to persuade myself and telling myself I have to be brave. If I can't bear this little pain, how can I bear the actual pain of labour right? When it was my turn, I walk in bravely. But once inside, the chicken in me can't help but telling the lab workers that I m scared.AHAHAH. The lady said Jangan Takut. I turned my face away, the pain felt like i was pinched, and before I know it, the guy said OK, siap! I was like WAH! I didn't feel any pain at all, it was really tolerable. I was happy and proud of myself. :-p

And then I went out, and waited for the last room (dr's room) but I didn't know for this I have to drop my card inside the box again. I only took the queue no. (again!) And when the on duty nurse saw that I didn't drop the card into their box, she gave me a scolding. 'x' Nothing happened much in the Doctor's room. She didn't even bother to scan me when she knew that I also did my checkup at a private clinic. She just copied some info from my private clinic card which I brought together (just in case) -__________- . When all these was done, its already 11.30am! And I was already hungry. :D

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