Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello, I'm pregnant! 'x'

Well, I am on my 2nd trimester (5 mths pregs). Been wanting to update this blog since a long long long time ago. But blame it on my laziness, and all these tiredness that came along with my pregnancy.

How we first found out:

We just got back from our China trip. The sceneries were great but I still don't like china food. I remember taking beer cos it was really cold. And had a small glass of hot shao xing wine. I was expecting my period during the last few days of the trip, but it didn't happen. I didn't worry much about it then, as my period is irregular.When we got back to Kuching, I was suppose to continue my yoga. But I was lazy, and still very much in holiday mood. After one week of "resting". I went back to yoga. I can't really remember what was the pose, but I remember we were on all fours, and are suppose to bend our limbs or something. That's when I felt like there's a lump in my belly. I was quite alarmed. And my 6th sense told me I should go home to have a urine test, I didn't expect much, I always get negative result. When I got home, I did a urine test, and bathed while waiting for the result. After bathing, I am surprised, and shocked to see a double line on the result window. It was a first for me. The 2nd line was faint, but its there and visible. I showed it to Oink, and he was puzzled and ask me what does it mean. I told him double mean positive. His jaw dropped. I can see he was pleasantly surprised. I rushed him out of the house to get another test kit from Watson before it closes. I can't wait for hours. I tried 2 hours after that. And the result was negative. And we both dismissed it as false alarm then. We are not pregnant. I continue on waiting for my period to come. After 3 days (30th Sept), still no sign of it, although I do feel breast tenderness, and that is the usual sign that period is coming. Call it woman's instinct, I have a strong urge to try the test again. I tried over lunch break at home. And again its positive. So Oink said we should go check with a gynae. And off we went to KPJ, and I chose to see Dr Wendy Loh. According to Dr Wendy. She did an ultrascan on me and there it is, our little sac. I was surprised. At this stage, I was still determined to go ahead with our Melbourne trip planned for next yr April.

2nd Dr visit at 8wks +:

We went for the 2nd checkup today to see how is my pregnancy progress. I prayed before sleeping last night that everything will be ok. 3 wks ago, all we saw was a round sac. And today we can see some shape and the heart beating. Our dr let us hear the heartbeat for a while. It went dupdupdupdupdup, so fast! It was MAGIC I tell you. At the sound of our bb's heartbeat, I decided then and there, what Melbourne?? It can wait. I don't feel like going anymore. The well being of our BB is much more important.

I am totally not me anymore. Before this, I can't live without water. I always bring a bottle of water with me, if not I will buy a bottle. But now I can't stand them. They tasted EWW. I wonder if I drank 8 cups of water a day or not. On the other hand, I think I m quite addicted to Coke. OMG.Which is not really healthy. Been trying to con my tastebud by mixing manukah honey in plain water. Not bad, but its not Coke. Well, it has to do for now. I am now sluggish, weak-limbed, very forgetful, and my ever good appetite has gone to hiding. SIGH. I hope I will be my old self soon.

3rd Dr Visit (approx 12 wks):

Everytime, before a doctor's visit, I am always nervous and wondering is my baby is ok. Although I feel sick all the time, I took comfort that at least its a good sign that my baby is doing fine. I am surprised at the progress rate of our BB. We can see the little hands, the little legs, the body, the head, the butt butt. And then something happened, BB waved, and was so startlet that I jumped a bit. 'x'AHAHAH. Dr Wendy was very delighted and keep say Wah, you BB keep moving. Active BB. Oink is having a feeling that we are having a girl.

4th Dr Visit (Approv 16 wks)

Suppose to visit Dr Wendy on 20th Dec, but I remembered the date wrongly and went on 21st December instead. :-p and the clinic is not open that night. And we were wondering why there's no patient waiting outside.AHAHA. Anyway, we went back the next morning. Oink didn't want to wait longer. Dr Wendy said if we are lucky today, we can probably find out the gender. But our BB was moving, tossing and turning, and when the Dr scan the bottom, all we can see are the butt and the legs. hmmm..:D..nevermind, there's always next time, and lets see if Oink is correct.

Next Dr visit will be in 8 days :)


VampireM said...

Wah... Congrats! You're gonna have a dragon baby :D

Anonymous said...

Dragon BB is good. I'm dragon too :)

13th Panda said...

Dragon BB need to fight for classroom 'x'..LOL

gabbie ngo said...

Congrats!!! Hehe. I didn't know you are already 5 months preggie! When due???

13th Panda said...

gabbie : end of May :)