Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tomato's development (12 weeks old)

- at her 2 mths follow-up check-up, she weighs 5.4kg. Now I weigh her, she is 5.6kg (only gained 200g.What happened?? LOL).

- Around 10 wks old, she has found "the hand" to suck on. I was quite taken aback by it. I heard the sucking sound one day, and when I went over to look at her, she was happily putting her fist in her mouth and sucking hard. LOL. She can now do it on either both hands now. But when she is fussy, she will cry for her pacifier.

- doesn't enjoy lying down much when she's awake. She likes to be hold in a reclining position. She loves being in the car seat.

- recently changed her feeding at 3oz per 2.5 hours to 3.5 oz per 3 hours. Soon will increase her intake to 4oz.

- Drinking habit : drinks hungrily at the beginning, then when there's a bit milk left, she will slow down, and play with the teat..hmmm

- burp easily (when she's awake), if you take too long burping her while she's asleep, she will "grumble"..AHAH

- Start to love "talking" before she's even 2 mths old. Now when you smile at her, she will smile widely back.   Loves to ang gu..ahh..and sometime can yell quite loudly

- knows how to sigh...tsk3..

- I can feel her trying to sit up at times.

- can sleep through the night (8 hours without feeding)

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