Monday, August 27, 2012

Tomato development: Probably training for a 6 packs?

Being first time parents. We are constantly plaqued with uncertainties. Thank God for the internet, and thank God for friends who became parents before us (LOL)!

There's a lot things we didn't know. And a lot I learnt by reading on the net on what should we expect and baby care.  And we are constantly surprised and amazed by Tomato's development. Every time something  new came up, I will google it up/ consult my friends. 

She lately found a new "activity" to do while on the car seat. She used to love listening to me singing/ talking to her.  But now, she don't even hiu (bother about) me! *Sighhhhhhhhh

first photo of Tomato in this blog!

A week before she turn 3 mths old. She started to do "sit ups" when strapped on the car seat. Throughout the entire journey, she will do that. She will rest for a while then do it again. When she first do it, I was a bit freaked out. WHAT IS HAPPENING! MY POOR TOMATO MIGHT HURT HER SPINE!OMG! But she refused to stop doing it even though I tried to push (gently) her body down/ nagging her (I tried). 

But then I figured, if its hurting her, she would probably cry already. So I let her be. But I won't let her sit up straight yet.Not at least until she's 4 mths old.

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