Wednesday, April 04, 2012

2 more months or less!

I can't believe how time flies! Soon we will get to see our BB! Ppl keep asking me, are you nervous? I think I am lo, since they reminded me by asking me this question. Other than that, I try to survive my days since its SOOO HOT HERE. Was suppose to go to Melbourne, but end up we canceled our flights and get refunds(not 100%). But i really envy my mil and bil lo, heard its cooling there. And I am stuck here with hot weather which makes me dizzy and a bit grumpy.LOL

My belly also starts to itch now. Which I think is the most difficult thing to endure in my pregnancy. I can stand the nauseous feeling. I can stand being heavy and walking like a penguin. I can stand having pimples on my face. But itchiness is something I find really hard to endure. I bought Palmer's oil to relief the itchiness. It really reduces the itch, but sometime it still itch, especially when I sleep. GRR..

I'm getting restless at work. I think I am getting stupid. I can't seem to think properly. I am either too sleepy to think/ feeling no mood to think.

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