Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My bag. Our bags.

At first I planned to only pack ONE BAG. The hospital is really near to our house. I think less that 10 mins trip on smooth traffic days? If we really forgotten anything, Oink can just drive back to our house and get it. But after careful thinking, would I want him to leave my side and miss memorable moments? I want to minimise that. And after looking at the check  list Jaqq gave me, I think I can't possible fit all the stuff into just one bag.  :-p

My almost exploding bag

So I took out a backpack, washed it. I repacked everything. Oink stuff are mostly inside the backpack. Baby and mine in the grey bag. I will also bring along Kitty (the pillow) 'x' Kitty was the best thing I brought back from my Ho Chin Minh trip.

Things I've packed:

For me : 

Packed :

- A hooded jacket. I didn't want to cover my head with a cap/hat/ malay-looking head cover. So I'll just use the hood. Plus the jacket can keep me warm.

-  Disposable panties

- Towel

- 2 pairs of socks

- I think around nine pieces of sanitary pads and maternity pads (I never use a maternity pad before, so just in case I don't like it, I will switch to my usual sanitary pad)

Yet to pack :

- Kitty!

- Cup/ mug. My friend advised me to bring own cup/ mug as all you'll get there is a hot flask, and the cap as a cup 'x' . 

- extra set of clothings

- nursing bras

- some gadgets (mp3 player/ my psp for some distraction) or some magazines

For Baby :

Packed :

- 3 cloth diapers

- a set of mittens and booties

- a button in front top

- a cloth diaper fastener from Anakku

- A hooded receiving blanket as I don't plan to bring a hat for BB, I don't think her little head will feel comfortable in one.

- A towel, I do not know how my CL plan to swaddle her, so just in case, I will bring along a towel.

Yet to pack :

- Can't think of any now. Any ideas?

For Oink:

Packed : 

- 1 hooded jacket, the hospital is COLD

- 1 pair of socks to keep my baby daddy warm 

- comfort kit from Air Asia (LOL!!) - consist of a blanket, a sleep mask (I doubt he will use this), and a pillow (manual inflation needed)

For Us : 

Yet to pack : 

- toiletries

- 100 plus (my gynae said I am allowed to drink it, SO I SHALL BRING SOME)


- a set of cutlery so that I can stir my Milo, and Oink can use it to eat tapao-ed food.

- chargers

- some snacks for baby daddy? 

OK! That should be it. For now.

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