Sunday, July 22, 2012

What happened after the CL left

In case you guys haven't notice or read any news, there has been a lot negative news about evil nanny/ babysitters/ bad nurseries. Enough to spook me out of my sleep. Since I have a 2 mths maternity leave, we decided to take care of my bb (nicknamed Tomato) for as long as we can before sending her to the nanny we picked. Oink took 3 wks leave to help me. First week we were a bit "kelam kabut" ahaha. Cos we were inexperienced parents. I remember our first night without the confinement lady. We couldn't sleep well. Cos we were told that by CL that she kept waking up for milk / diaper change. And guess what? we waited and waited till 2am still no cries.A lot went through my mind. Why is she not crying?? Is she hungry till fainted??So I told Oink to feed  her milk, don't wait. So from then onwards we set alarms to feed her at night. Yes, we were paranoid. But she usually can't finish her milk. Around 2 weeks later, we were told that we do not need to feed her at all if she didn't wake up and ask for it. HMMMMM. So we tried. Found that she can sleep through  max 7 hours without milk! Her last feed for the day usually is around 9.00-10.00pm. So she usually wakes up for the next feed around 4-5am.Sometimes she sleeps around 7pm and didn't want to wake up for her next feed. Paranoid me will still feed her some milk around 11pm if that's the case.

We are still trying to settle into our new routine, and so far we are doing quite well! We are improvising our routine from time to time to make it better and better. And we feel really blessed cos baby Tomato is quite easy to care for. And she smiles ALOT. She seem to LOVE to have people talking to her. And she will "award" you with her cute little pouty smiles and reply you with these cute little ang gu gu sounds. Occasionally, she will be cranky. But its seldom. But its hard to capture her smiles and laughters with camera/ or my phone. When she sees my camera/ hp. She will freeze and study it. So I have to get someone to make her into her happy mood to take the photo. But most of it turn out to be blur. GRRR. But I did manage to take some short videos. :-)

I have been breastfeeding bb Tomato. Most of the time I pump the milk out for her cos sometimes she can't latch properly and will grumble(LOUDLY). LOL. But when she can latch on properly, she is a happy bb and will fall asleep after she is satisfied. I try to get her to latch on for at least once per day for the guaranteed freshness, straight from the source!LOL!If that doesn't work. I do keep some milk in the fridge. Another thing I felt blessed is my bf-ing journey so far is quite a-ok. Well, at first it was stressful cos my supply was low, and it made me VERY depressed. But a cousin in law said I must not stress up. Must relax. I took her advice, and my supply is gradually increasing and I am very happy at my level of milk supply now. LOL. Although its not as much as some ppl, but its adequate for bb Tomato to last through the day, supplementing with max 2 feeds of formula per day. And I still get to keep some backup supplies in the freezer for her to bring to the nanny/ backup. I've heard horror stories of how nipples cracked, bled and etc because of latching on. But luckily I only heard those stories AFTER I started my own bf journey. I just do it and it went well until now. :)

We sent her to the nanny when she is 7 weeks old. My heart felt so heavy, I felt so sad leaving her there but I have to do it! Soon I'll need to get back to work also, which I really dread since I know BIG PILE OF SHIT is waiting for me back at the office. After I left her at the nanny's, I dreaded the thought of going back home to an empty house and wondering how is she coping at the nanny's. So I went shopping, lol and ended buying her stuff. LOL. and got nothing for goodness.LOL. So this is how it is when ppl upgraded to Mommy!

Ok that's all. I want to go check on baby Tomato. And if she's awake, I want to ang gu gu to her.


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