Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tagged by Simple American.

Its been a while since i have last been tagged. So here goes:


1. A Cuddler?
Yes I am, but i am only one when with people i am close with (and mango of course!). I love to hug my bolster too! Had it since i was 6/7 yrs old. :-p

2. A morning person?
No, i an having hard time to wake up every morning. HAHA.

3. Are you a perfectionist?
HMM~ a bit, it depends actually. If its something important, i would like it to be perfect.

4. An only child?
Nope, I have a younger brother.

5. Catholic:
Nope. I am a free thinker.

6. In your pajamas?
Nope, i'm in the office.

7. Currently suffering from a broken heart?
Nope. I am happy with Oink.

8. Okay styling other people’s hair?
Hmmm, have to see who willing to let me style lo.LOL! I am okay with it.

9. Left handed?

10. Addicted to MySpace?
Nope. Never been there even. :-D

11.Shy around the opposite gender?
Yes, especially good looking ones.LOL! But i am a shy person regardless of gender.

12. Loud?
Yes i am. I lauged out loud also. :-p


12-and-a-half. Bite your nails?
I did when I was 11, but stopped when i was 12 after a series of terrible stomachaches.

13. Get paranoid at times?
Yes, sometimes i think too much.:-p

14. Currently regret something that you have said/done?
HHM, that was in the past. Now i look ahead. God made us with eyes in front for a reason rite?

15. Curse frequently when you get mad?
ERM, nope.

16.Enjoy country music?

17.Enjoy jazz music?
Depends on the place where it is played.

18.Enjoy smoothies?
Yes i do. :-D~~

19. Enjoy talking on the phone?
I like to chat. Face to face, phone, online. I love them all.

20.Have a lot to learn?
There's still so much to learn.

21.Have a pet?
YES!My beloved, cute mango.

22.Have a tendency to fall for the “wrong” person?
HMM, now i have Mr. Right.

23.Have all your grandparents died?
No. *TOUCH WOOD!* I still got grandma.

24.Have at least one sibling?

25.Have been told that you are smart?

26.Have had a broken bone?

27.Have Caller I.D. on your phone?
Yes. Cos a few years back, there's someone kept calling in when we are sleeping, in the wee hours of the morning and hangs up when someone answers the phone. So we bought a new phone with caller ID. When we got the number of the prankster, my mum scolded the person. And that prankster turned out to be a she!


28. Changed a diaper?

29. Changed a lot over the past year?
Yup. And still am changing, for the better i hope.

30.Had friends who have never seen your natural hair color?
No. I used to be very skeptical to dye my hair once. I liked my hair black, jet black. But at the end of last year, i had some highlights.HEHE. It looked nice.

31.Had surgery?
HMM~should be no.

32.Killed anyone?

33.Had your haircut within the last week?
Nope. I had one a few weeks ago.


1. Slept in the bed beside you?
I sleep alone in my room. But that day mango slept beside me when i fell asleep on the living room's floor.HAHA.

2.Saw you cry?:
Oink. :-p I don't like to let people see me cry.

3.Went to the movies with you?

4.You went to the mall with?:

5.You went to dinner with?
my parents, Oink and his family.

6.You talked to on the phone?

7.Said ‘I love you’ to you and meant it?
*Blush* the person who is most mentioned here in this section.

8.Broke your heart?
ERR ARR was along time ago.

9.Made you laugh?
HMM, it was an email to a funny link. I forgot who sent it.


1. Pierce your nose or tongue?
NO to BOTH. NO way. It took me a lot of guts to pierce my ear, what to say nose/ other parts.

2.Be serious or be funny
I rather be funny and make ppl happy. But end up i always say stupid stuff, and having ppl laughed at me. I put up a serious face when at work.

3.Drink whole or skim milk?
Hmmm, skim.

4. Die in a fire or drown?
@@! I leave it to God.

5. Spend time with your parents or enemies?
Of course my parents lo.

1. What time is it?

HEHE, cannot tell here.


4.Where were you born?
Hospital Serian

5.What is your birthdate?
13 Oct 198x

6.What do you want?
Now?i just want to sleep, relax and slow things down a bit.

7.Where do you want to live?
HMM, this is hard. I want to live where all my love ones live. I still think kuching is the good place to stay.

8.How many kids do you want?
2. One girl one boy.AHHAAH. It is best if they come out as twins.

:-) i want to tag Silver bells, Oren and OneLazyBone :-)


Simple American said...

Very nice post. Thank you for doing this. *high 5*

I think Oink is a lucky guy. :)

Chen said...

trying to count Oink being mentioned how many times in this post :P

Someone's birthday is coming soonnnn..
in one week time hoh?
can I wish u happy birthday in advance?

Winn said...

yeah happy bday in advance:)...

toking abt scared of pain..
i still havent pierce my ears yet..cacat hor?>sumore i so old liao...

13th Panda said...

simple american: *high 5!* :-)


winn:THANK YOU!!*BLOW another KISS*
no la..after pierce baru cacat ah. LOL! Got holes already. And hor, the most important thing is young at heart right?

Winn said...

happy mooncake festival:)

zeroimpact said...

Friday coming very soon liao

13th Panda said...

winn: u too! :-)


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